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Beyond Business as Usual: A 21st Century Culture of Manufacturing in Australia

There is a culture of manufacturing that is beyond business as usual in Australia. This report shows that there is a viable future for manufacturing in Australia in the 21st century that is being shaped by a culture that is beyond business as usual. This report counters ill-founded fears that manufacturing in Australia is not viable by presenting convincing evidence of dynamic firms that are committed to just and sustainable manufacturing. The authors of this report argue that manufacturing also contributes to social inclusion through the creation of high skill, high wage jobs. Additionally, the authors identify the importance of manufacturing in addressing climate change and environmental degradation. The importance of this report is that it explores the reinvention of manufacturing in Australia from the viewpoint of developing a ‘manufacturing culture’. Only by doing so will we be able to build competitive advantage in global markets, and achieve the combined objectives of long-term economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

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